In addition to the unfortunate-looking New York, I Love You, a number of other New York-centric "we both love and mourn ourselves" films will premiere at the upcoming Toronto Film Festival, gushes the New York Times. There will be ruminative documentaries about the lost New York City of the 1970's, through the lenses of the Broadway show A Chorus Line and the old Upper West Side sex club Plato's Retreat. And another film called Lymelife about disgruntled ennui on Long Island (starring the disgruntled Alec Baldwin!) The TImes writes indulgently about the films:

Those voices, and others from a handful of movies at this sprawling, 10-day film festival opening on Thursday, are also likely to rouse some serious nostalgia for a New York that somehow got away. At least three pictures at this year's festival take an unusually deep look at the city as it roiled its way through the messy, magnificent, slightly mad 1970s.

In Toronto. The New York of the North. Maybe next year we can see a movie about disaffected, slurry, and strangely interconnected people moping around sun-soaked Los Angeles. At a film festival in Vancouver or something.