Gossip Girl arch bitch Blair Waldorf isn't really the tony high society-born lioness she seems. In fact, she's the jail-born daughter of a convicted drug felon with a whole family's worth of shady criminal stories. Wait, that's actually a little too exciting and down-'n-dirty for the reasonably staid show ("I killed someone," confessed a bedraggled Serena last season; and by killed she meant sorta just didn't call 911). It's actually the kind of drahhhma that you can't make up. Leighton Meester, the actress who smartly plays Blair on the silly teen soap, was the one born in prison while her mother served time for her connections to a drug ring. Yikes. To add to the sad Texas pile, her father, aunt, and grandfather also spent time behind bars for various druggery. Wait a second. The season just started! This is far too early for such gangbusters reveals. Save it for sweeps, people! Sweeeeps. [Star] My second-favorite shocking GG reveal is after the jump.