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As Esquire once famously teased, "Kevin Spacey Has a Secret," and now, finally, that secret has come to light: he's a good samaritan! Already notorious for a well-intentioned, late-night dog walking that turned ugly in the most homoerotic way, the actor was snapped this weekend in Croatia enacting a "pay it forward" so unorthodox that it would make even a newly R-rated Haley Joel Osment blush. Says The Sun:

KEVIN SPACEY shocked revellers at a wild party in Croatia when he pulled a male pal’s trousers down and groped his buttocks. The American Beauty star was snapped on holiday in Hvar getting to grips with the bare butt as his friend lay across his lap.

An onlooker said: “Kevin looked like he was a having a brilliant time. “Most of his friends were laughing, but I couldn’t see the face of the man whose butt it was.”

A mystery! Could it have been the shirtless Ryan Gosling lookalike Spacey's recently been sighted with in Sarajevo? A penitent Bryan Singer, apologizing for the impending, possibly Spacey-less Superman reboot? Or, somehow, was it Spacey spanking himself, and the clues were there all along? Though logistically unlikely, we wouldn't put anything past the former Keyser Söze. After all, as Benicio Del Toro's Fenster would say, "Mmmfmfmsmmahhh." [Photo Credit: Bauer-Griffin]