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As part of the crafty strategy to turn Confessions of a Shopaholic into a public service announcement about the evils of consumerism, rather than a shiny orgy of labels that had the bad luck to come out during the worst recession in decades, Sophie Kinsella, author of the novels on which the movie is based, wants to teach us how to resist our urge to spend. Her fount of wisdom, which obviously springs from a heartfelt concern for women's financial well-being rather than from a contractual obligation to Touchstone Pictures, is full of gems.

"Focus on what will really benefit your life," is one Buddhist-worthy tip. "If that happens to be a new dress or a pair of shoes, then so be it." So be it: finally, a mantra truly worthy of our troubled times. Or even more revolutionary: "Instead of buying a Chanel suit, buy a Chanel lipstick." Wow, we were literally just about to go and spend $5,000 on a Chanel suit, so thank you, Sophie, for helping us dodge that bullet.

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