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• It isn't easy being a disposable reality TV star. At the Jill Stuart show on Monday, a publicist barked "Show your fucking ring!" to Bethenny Frankel as The Real Housewives of New York star was getting her photo taken. She's probably used to the abuse, though. Frankel later told a reporter that she used to babysit Paris and Nicky Hilton when they were kids. [AMNY, NYO]
• Lindsay Lohan says her dramatic weight loss is simply the result on "working a lot." Of course it is. [Us]
• Monogamy is so old-fashioned: Alex Rodriguez spent Valentine's Day weekend romancing five different women, while Calvin Klein was spotted in Miami with "two model-type guys." [P6]
• Walter and Monica Noel are laying low at their home in Mustique, although they skipped the private jet and flew commercial to get there. [P6]

• Is Kelly Cutrone's insta-friendship with Ashley Dupre real? Or is it a ploy to drum publicity for her new reality show? You decide! [P6]
• Kate Moss says she isn't pregnant, she's just gained weight. [Telegraph]
• Remember "Long Island Lolita" Amy Fisher? Yea, well, she's a stripper these days, just in case you were wondering. [P6]
• South Carolina authorities say they will not be bringing criminal charges against Michael Phelps for smoking pot. [Us]
• Chris Brown has hired spin doctor Mike Sitrick to do damage control. [411]
• More than 2,000 pieces of Michael Jackson memorabilia from Neverland Ranch are going up for auction. [NYP]
• Julia Roberts says her kids "keep her from getting bored." Glad to hear they come in handy! [People]
Bill Clinton waited until Hillary went on a diplomacy mission and Chelsea went to Deer Valley before flying to Bel Air to party with Steve Bing on Sunday. [P6]
• Lance Armstrong's $10,000 bike was stolen. [NYP]
• Colin Farrell and Brit writer Emma Forrest have broken up. [DM]
• Milo Ventimiglia and Hayden Panettiere have split up, too. [Star]
• Now that she's Mrs. Ryan Adams, Mandy Moore has signed on as a pitchwoman for Tide detergent. [AdAge]
Slumdog Millionaire's Freida Pinto may be moving to New York. [DS]