"North! To Alaska—c'mon, the rush is on." Caribou, moose, and redneck jokes, gun porn, and now a real, live, out-of-wedlock teen pregnancy. How will the chattering classes of the blue states respond to the family saga of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin? Why, with the same flinty-eyed suspicion and close-mindedness that we profess to hate in the "God, gays, and guns" country of rural Americans. The Palin family background gives otherwise intelligent people the chance to indulge in the basest and most cartoonish of regional and rural stereotypes.Exhibit 1: The use of the word "Baby Daddy" by everyone from Drudge to Radar to Us Weekly to the Daily Intel. Everyone's using this phrase, because it's easy and snarky. It's not particularly original, though, and it's no longer funny if everyone else is saying it. Cut it out. (Also, I am aware that many persons of color sometimes use this phrase un-ironically, but you sound like an ass if you're white.) Exhibit 2: Alaska, OMG! Even the highfalutin' Bill Maher couldn't help reaching for some easy laughs, jumping into the fray with, "when [Palin] got a phone call at three in the morning, it was because a moose had gotten into the garbage can." Funny! But also: "If [McCain dies] this stewardess can handle it." Snob! Exhibit 3: Redneck Hillbilly White Trash Hicks Levi Johnston, Bristol Palin's soon-to-be teen dad, called himself a redneck out of pride, so there's his excuse. Everyone else, however:

"Is Alaska a statutory rape jurisdiction? If so, wouldn't Levi "Redneck" Johnston fit the profile of a child rapist or molester? Just asking," wonders an innocent HuffPo commenter.


"what a VP this would make. How many of the rest of her kids will get pregnant or get someone else pregnant in the next 4 years? Welcome to rightwing Christian fundie land. This is the reality—my guess is those Bible-thumpers have more pregnant teen kids than those of us who wouldn't get a Bible near our kids," opines a Daily Kos commenter

(And there's the photoshop attached above, which has already been sent to our own inbox multiple times. Get it? She's a woman from a rural area who hunts. Will they rename it the White Trash House?) And so the precious blue-state liberals reveal themselves to be the small-minded yokels suspicious of anything and everyone that's different.