Annie Leibovitz, the 58-year-old photographer who cried "Art!" when she took those creepy, porn-y pictures of underage actress Miley Cyrus for Vanity Fair and that racist, King Kong-ish shot of Lebron James on the cover of Vogue, is also so ethereal that she doesn't even pay her bills. According to court documents, the shock-happy shutterbug has racked up debts to the tune of $715,000, even though she supposedly rakes in more than $2 million a year for her headline-grabbing work at Conde Nast.

"The 58-year-old photographer allegedly owes money for unpaid taxes, an aborted book project, and outstanding equipment rental fees. She's also at least a year overdue in paying for renovations to her Greenwich Village townhouse, according to the documents.

"Leibovitz, through a Vanity Fair spokeswoman, declined to comment on the debts. 'To the best of my knowledge all of these [debts] have been resolved,' a Vanity Fair spokeswoman said." [NYP]

But perhaps this is proof that she's not as cynical as she's seemed lately, and that she truly doesn't see why her recent work offends so many people. Can't relate to normal standards, can't be bothered to keep an eye on her finances-maybe she really is an artist! Nah, she's not.