We now know that Sarah Palin probably isn't baby Trig's grandma (damn!) but someone on her team seemed to think her past needed a little bit of a touch up. On Friday, just 15 minutes before rumors started circulating that John McCain was going to pick her for his VP, someone made more than 30 favorable changes to her Wikipedia page.

The helpful internet sprite edited down portions that dealt with her days as a beauty pageant contestant (pictured from 1984) because that's not the kind of thing a young Republican lady does. Wait, isn't that exactly the kind of thing they do? Anyhoo, they downplayed that bit. Oh, they were also good enough to alter passages dealing with that whole thing where she allegedly fired Alaska's State Safety Director for initially refusing to sack her former brother-in-law from his job as a state trooper. Because how would anyone ever find out about it if it's not on Wikipedia?

Well, her role in that mess is the topic of an ongoing investigation, the results of which will be delivered to Alaska lawmakers on October 31-five days before the election. No problems there! [NPR]