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(Update: Earlier today, 10 Zen Monkeys reported that Sarah Palin's sister, the one involved in a baroque family scandal, was now working in Sausalito for John Battelle's online ad agency. We've confirmed that this rumor is false. The original post at 10 Zen Monkeys has been unpublished. In the interest of transparency to the 115 of you who read it on RSS, the original text is below.)I can't get anyone at Federated Media to confirm or deny the claim by 10 Zen Monkeys that Federated Media accountant Molly Johnson is formerly Molly McCann, and sister to Alaska governor Sarah Palin, now the Republican vice presidential candidate. Sausalito-based Federated is the agency that sells ads for Boing Boing, TechCrunch, and many more sites. It matters because Palin — and hence McCann, who may now be Johnson — will be heavily scrutinized over Palin's alleged ... oh, just read the whole thing on Wikipedia. Honestly, 10 Zen Monkey's report drips with a bit too much eagerness to take down Palin, so I don't trust their judgement yet. I'll believe it — or not — when permatanned Federated founder John Battelle gets back to us.