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In 1963, when Gloria Steinem posed as a Playboy bunny for a magazine piece, we're sure her dearest hope was that she'd pave the way for young female reporters to mount shocking exposés on contemporary hot button issues with the help of their decent bods. What she probably didn't predict was that those exposés would, nine times out of ten, involve going undercover at cosmetic surgery consultations. Melanie Berliet, who last year performed a slightly more original bit of girly stunt journalism when she worked as a naked sushi model, is the latest in a long line to submit her face and body to the scrutiny of plastic surgeons for our edification. As you'll be less than amazed to hear, the doctors recommended she have stuff done!

The 27-year-old, who's 5'7" and 120 pounds with an averagely attractive face, was told by the villain of the piece, Dr. David P. Rapaport, to have a ton of lipo, breast implants, a nose job, Botox, and Restylane; a couple of other surgeons were less enthusiastic in their salesmanship, but naturally, and thankfully for the article, no one failed to recommend at least two procedures.

So what happened next? If you've read versions of this story before, you'll know: Our reporter confesses her ego was bruised, implies she'd be tempted by what was offered if she were richer, but ultimately takes the high road and opts to stick with what God gave her. Moral order restored, banality of the Fourth Estate maintained.

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