Hey hey Friday, long weekend, yay yay. Yesterday you seemed to think that the brothel owning country singer was none other than ol' "boot up your ass" Toby Keith. Which would be funny because that guy is a massive tool, but unfortunately that's not who it is. It's Jewel. After the jump we have (again) a cokey roberts, a drunk just like her daddy, and weed smokers. DRUGS. 1) "Which supposedly clean celeb gets her pals to check up her nose for fairy dust before leaving her trailer to mix with her public?" [Mirror] 2) "Like father, like daughter? Despite being a couple of years underage for drinking, this B- list actress from a top rated network drama kept downing shot after shot after shot after shot at a party this weekend." [CDaN] 3) "At the same party, these two related celebutantes shared a few joints with their bad girl hero. Of course the bad girl hero is now about 15 years removed from her height of fame, but hey, she has another chance again starting next week. I'm trying to think if the trio have slept with any of the same people." [CDaN]