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So it turns out that various "natural" weight-loss supplements may actually contain real drugs, but you'll have to hurry to get your hands on them before the FDA sniffs out all the products that don't disclose their exciting illicit ingredients. Following a class action lawsuit against StarCaps by NFL players who tested positive for the drug bumetanide, the pills—which are sold by surgerized socialite Nikki Haskell with the tagline "Dare to be thin!" and endorsed by her friends like Ivana Trump—have been pulled from the shelves of stores like GNC, and the FDA is continuing to test other diet supplements.

If you're eager to lose a few pounds and don't mind dabbling with a little risk, the Times helpfully reports that sites like and are still selling brands said to contain undeclared drugs, including 3X Slimming Power and Imelda Perfect Slim. You just might want to secure a source of clean urine if you have a job where that matters!

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