John McCain is playing dirty! Tonight, after Barack Obama's speech, McCain bought airtime for a rebuttal ad. There are no details on which markets and channels the ad will air on ("battleground states" does not mean much!) but it will surely end up repeated on every channel in the name of "news" a couple million times. What will McCain do in this mysterious and unprecedented ad? We're not sure, but this is a terrible sign:

Aides would give few details beyond the fact that McCain will speak directly to the camera, addressing Obama. The strip-tease on the ad is one of several moves by the McCain campaign that could distract attention from Obama's big night.

Ok, John, that's a really bad idea. Also his Vice Presidential pick will be announced either right before Obama's speech, which is a brilliant way of getting it no publicity until tomorrow, or after the speech, when we are drunk or asleep. It will be either internationally beloved sanctimonious baby mole-rat Joe Lierberman or reviled phony rich prick Wilbur "Mitt" Romney And His Totally Not Gay Sons. Or Pawlenty or Kay Bailey Hutchison, who are boring, or Rudy Giuliani, who is not boring.