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Now that Heroes has resumed shooting after a strike-truncated, poorly received second season, star Milo Ventimiglia has less time for nachos ("uh-oh!") and more publicity rounds to make. The latest stop on his Heroes redemption tour is gay magazine The Advocate, where Ventimiglia sat down and dished to writer Brandon Voss about his frequent on-screen shirtlessness ("You do start to wonder..."), his friend John Krasinski, and a certain gossip blogger's habit of defacing his paparazzi pictures:

I’m very aware of all the blog sites and the kind way that they’ve treated me. I met Perez Hilton at a Super Bowl party in Miami. He walked past me, and I stopped him and said, “Excuse me. Hey, my name is Milo. You gotta do me a favor: Next time you post a picture of me, just put tons of come on my face. Tons. I mean, load it up.”

While we're sure Hilton will be all too happy to oblige, we can't help but worry that Ventimiglia may have given strike-sapped Heroes creator Tim Kring some unsavory new ideas for the latter half of Season 3. Should the unrated DVD collection contain a Peter Petrelli bukkake scene (with the most disturbing cry of Hiro's "YATTA!" thus far filmed), Ventimiglia will only have brought it on himself — literally. [Photo Credit: AP]