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Since you first saw photos of the Misshapes, that scowling chick with the black hair and those two vaguely interchangeable gay guys who also sometimes had black hair, you've had so many burning questions about them swirling round your head, right? No? Oh well, the people at Page Six magazine, for reasons best known to themselves, have interviewed the DJing/party promoting group during the final 15 seconds of their relevance anyway. And it's a decision for which future cultural historians will doubtless be grateful, judging by the startling revelations that pour forth.

For example, reveals Greg, "We don't call each other before we leave and say, 'What are you wearing?'" Imagine that, if you can! Also, contrary to what some people might think, they are not spoiled trustfunders, but pulled themselves all the way to semi-fame with nothing but the sweat of their collective brow and the right camera poses: "We all came," says Geordon, "from very humble upbringings and very average families." As for Leigh, ever witty and verbose, she sums up her reaction to the worship she sometimes attracts as "Oh, OK. Whatever." Whatever, indeed.

Most importantly, and most disappointingly, we learn that despite the clamoring of TV producers dying for a glimpse into the inner workings of the trio's glamorous dominion, there will be no reality show: "We prefer to travel the world and stay friends with the people we are friends with instead of having this weird burst of MTV fame for a few years, and then burning out," says Greg. A pity, because it sounds as if they thrive on a level of quick-fire repartee that would be just right for a Hills-type show.

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