If you are bored this weekend while everyone else is away, go see Boeing Boeing on the Broadway. I saw it last night and it is really, really fun. (Mary McCormack, who knew?) Something that was probably also really really fun was the three hour sex fest enjoyed by an actor and an extra, our blind item from yesterday. Y'all were pretty divided over the identity of the fellow; some said it was Charlie Sheen, others Jeremy Piven. My favorite theory was Sam Waterston. Today we have a 70's pinup who got into an awkward situation involving gum during sex and a morally outspoken country singer who secretly has investments in several overseas brothels. 1) "Which 70s pin-up got himself into a rather sticky situation during a recent amorous encounter when his partner forgot to remove her chewing gum?" [Mirror] 2) "This A list country singer who is really outspoken and appears to be morally on the straight and narrow, has some business interests he probably hopes his fans never hear about it. Turns out that he owns about a 30% interest in a group of brothels in Amsterdam as well as in Bangkok. According to person who told me about it, the singer sees nothing wrong with it because they are legal in those countries and he says it is much better than getting free drinks at some club you own. Nice." [CDaN]