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New York City's unofficial first lady, Diana Taylor, is celebrating her 54th birthday today. Hope Mike got you something nice! Others celebrating: Tom Brokaw is turning 69. Former Daily News gossip columnist Lloyd Grove is 54. Henry Blodget is 43. Chef Marc Murphy is turning 40. Axl Rose is turning 47. Journalist/author Michael Pollan is 54. Natalie Cole is 59. Rich Astley is turning 43. And Zsa Zsa Gabor is 92. Weekend birthdays after the jump.

On Saturday: Chris Rock (44); Ashton Kutcher (31); Gay Talese (77); historian Eric Foner (66); Garth Brooks (47); and James Spader (49).

On Sunday: Ted Koppel (69); John Grisham (54); New York Times Magazine editor Gerry Marzorati (56); casting director Bernard Telsey (49); Seth Green (35); Nick Nolte (68); Mary Steenburgen (56); Gary Coleman (41); and Vince Neil (48).