Gay Mafia attacks American entrepreneurism, free speech with Communist-style collective action! That's the news out of California, where businessmen are doing their part for the democratic process by giving huge sums of money to political groups aiming to ban gay marriage. Which is legal, they point out! Nevertheless, incensed gays are organizing campaigns against these mens' businesses, whether they're still working there or not. Whoa, are people no longer free to hate without consequence in this mixed-up country? Gay hatemongering group Californians Against Hate encouraged a boycott of Bolthouse Farms, even though William Bolthouse, who gave $100,000 to the anti-gay marriage cause, had sold the company years earlier. It's a widespread practice, apparently. Business owners say "Hey, we're neutral!" Gays say, "Bear the name, bear the shame."

"To tell a business owner that they can't express their beliefs on an issue is a really stupid thing," said Terry Caster, the owner of A-1 Storage, a self-storage company based in San Diego.Californians Against Hate says Mr. Caster and his family gave about $300,000 to support Proposition 8, prompting the group to make him the focus of a call-in campaign.

But seriously, this why real non-jackoff businesses pay PR consultants: to advise them that if they donate hundreds of thousands of dollars to anti-gay causes, they can expect some backlash. Far be it from me to encourage someone to employ a PR agency, but please employ a PR agency, Mr. Caster et al. These donations are public information. What are you people talking about? [WSJ]