Poor Denise Richards. Her disastrous Hot Shots of a marriage to Charlie Sheen crumbled, her acting roles have become few and far between, and now her last-ditch E! reality show has been canceled. Richards cursed and filth-talked her way through the show, Denise Richards: It's Complicated, apparently not caring how she—a mother of two little girls—would come across to audiences. I, for one, thought it was funny, in a hair-pulling kind of way—but middle-America rarely agrees with me! Ratings started high enough, with 1.5million people tuning into the premiere, but it was down hill from there. As there really is little else in showbiz left for her to do (save for Dancing With the Stars, I guess) we suspect she'll soon be applying for her real estate license. You know if her teeny tiny divorce settlement nest egg disappears. Above is a clip of Denise getting pwned! by a tabloid editor, and here is another horrifying clip.