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The news that Luke Janklow and his wife Julie were divorcing first surfaced two weeks ago, and last week the couple's townhouse hit the market for $24.95 million. But the literary agent to the rich and famous (such as Anderson Cooper and Gwyneth Paltrow) hasn't been sitting at home mourning the dissolution of his marriage. We hear that Janklow is now dating Jessica Joffe, the flame-tressed social scenester and occasional model/writer who was famously involved with singer Ryan Adams until last year.

It's unclear if Janklow was involved with Joffe before his split with Julie, but a source tells us that Julie has landed a new boyfriend, too, so it appears both are now on the rebound. (In Joffe's case, having a very skillful agent as a boyfriend should come in handy if/when she finishes up the novel she's been talking about for the past couple of years.)

We contacted Luke via email this afternoon for a response. He said he had no comment on the matter.