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Looks like things have taken a turn for the worse for the ladies of DABA (or "Dating a Banker Anonymous") who made such a splash—and created such controversy—this week thanks to an absurd story about them in the New York Times. Following yesterday's revelation that the whole thing might have just been an elaborate hoax to score a book deal, today comes word that one of the site's founders, Laney Crowell (left), has been fired from her job at Stylecaster for "being on the phone with her new agent."

Meanwhile, two of the other women report they're having relationship difficulties as a result of the press attention. Apparently, the idea that his wife is a "dissatisfied gold digger" isn't "sitting too well" with the husband of Dawn Spinner Davis. Of course, the talk of dissolving marriages could all just be Phase 2 of DABA's media offensive, in which case these girls deserve every penny they get for cleverness alone.

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