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The Nvision conference put on by chipmaker Nvidia is turning out to be unintentionally interesting. The stock price is down and Intel is looking to join AMD as a competitor in the high-end graphics processing market. Attendees are being greeted by union activists from Unite Here pointing out how the company has shipped thousands of faulty chips inside machines from Dell and HP.It's part of the union's strategy to convince the company to pressure subcontractor Aramark into negotiating a better deal with striking service workers. And after today's festivities, a group of Diggnation groupies will be delivered by CalTrain after a boozy ride from San Francisco for a live taping of the show at 6:30 p.m. after the day-long conference. Both the activists and the fanboys will surely add color to the official company line CEO Jen-Hsun Huang pitched at the keynote. (Photo by AP/Mark Lennihan)