Are you familiar with the phenomenon that is Jared Seligman, wunderkind realtor to the downtown stars? If not, wake up and smell the $40 million in billings! Seligman sold that much property for the Corcoran Group last year at the tender age of 21, to real estate connoisseurs like the Olsen twins. And though he's already been profiled by W magazine and is a running meme at Curbed, He doesn't "really have time to pay attention to the press." The hectic life of a now-drinking-age condo king! Seligman started in the real estate game at 18, and he's already a millionaire. Cool kids love him!

Seligman isn't selling to any old rich Manhattanites, either: The broker is representing Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen's $10 million-plus Morton Square listing, and he's reportedly sold condos to a raft of young bold-faced names, including Adam "DJ AM" Goldstein and Tommy Hilfiger's daughter.

Of course, the young man tries to "remain as private as possible," he told the Real Deal in an interview for an extensive profile. We respect his comically empty wishes. [Real Deal via Daily Intel]