If there's one thing that's entertaining, it's fights over who is and who isn't a real member of New York "society." (If you have to ask, you probably aren't.) Sycophantic social-scene chronicler David Patrick Columbia slammed the Real Housewives of NYC ladies as nouveau riche on his New York Social Diary: "As far as the Society angle goes, these girls are not Society. An expensive apartment, a limo and a house in the Hamptons does not society make." They lack the breeding that makes you a society girl: "These girls are all spawns of the subPrime world that is now imploding around us." He especially dislikes LuAnn, the lady married to a European count:

"LuAnn is nothing if not an all-American girl. I think she's even of Native American descent. She may be sophisticated, married as long as she has been, but the patina of a European "countess" is not there."

Oh, come on. DPC isn't any more of a member of society that crass LuAnn is: he used to own a head shop in upstate New York, and has worked as a stockbroker, a freelancer, and a sportswear designer (?). So cut the snobbery! He and LuAnn have more in common than he thinks: they're both from humble backgrounds (David's the son of a chauffeur and a building super, LuAnn used to be a LPN), and both have made careers out of being hangers-on. What's not to like?