After's Drew Curtis sent us a firsthand account last week of life on the set of I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell, the upcoming comedic movie masterpiece written by fratire dude Tucker Max, another crew member followed up with his own list of gripes to us about working under a first-time movie maker who's also one of America's foremost assholes. I enjoy these leaks because-unlike our own in-house appraisals of Tucker's style-they come from people with no real ideological reason to dislike the man. Some people just want to work in peace! After the jump, our tipster's account of Tucker Max-"usually pricks like him are surrounded by pricks," he says, but in this case, "there's just one dick and he's a big one."

  • "Tucker truly is an asshole. i have been in the movie business for many years and worked with a lot of super-assholes, and aside from a few (fuck Scott Rudin) Tuckers the worst." Why? Our tipster says Tucker is lazy, appearing on the set only about half the time. Which, he clarifies, is not unusual for producers, except Tucker is "not really a producer he's just a tool."
  • "Tucker baby talks his dog. not kidding at all, he uses a baby talk voice when talking to it even in front of other people. wtf?"
  • Although Tucker would be expected to hit on all the women on set, per his books, he is in fact "standoffish" towards them most of time, supposedly.
  • Most of the actors, and the movie's director, and most of the crew is very friendly, our tipster says. Tucker is the lone problem child. He also says that the movie will be much funnier than the script made it sound-we'll have to reserve judgment on that point. Tucker reportedly considered directing the film himself; "whoever convinced him not to do that should get his money for this."
  • Tucker "got into an argument a few weeks ago with one of the teamsters who run basecamp, and hit the roof on the guy and tried to fire him. guess what dipshit, you can't fire teamsters w/o cause. tucker had to eat crow on that one, it was funny."
  • At the movie's wrap party, "the crew gave him a personalized straight jacket, which should tell you what they think of him. they tried to make it out as a joke, but it wasn't it was what they thought."

Here are the gifts that the crew got at the wrap party. Our tipster writes, "a shirt and beer glass. real classy Tucker."