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Google's Street View drivers on contract have photographed more than just estates in Sonoma's wine country. They've also snapped shots of stretches of private roads in Humboldt County — nearly a quarter of a mile past "no trespassing" signs, according to one complainant. That particular area of California long ago cut down the profitably harvestable timber and has turned to cannabis cultivation. It provides the state, and the nation, with some of the most carefully bioengineered marijuana strains known to humanity.You can thank local botanists who fly under the radar of law enforcement. Grow operations are packed tightly into indoor and outdoor spaces, which Google's all-seeing eye-level cameras could easily betray. So if your dealer's supplier goes down thanks to a Street View intrusion — lawful or otherwise — which brand ought to feel the wrath of your pointlessly paranoid post-analysis? (Photo by Miss Gong & The Flickers)