Did the secret monster army being bred on Plum Island lose another experimental "marine?" Or did the Montauk Monster simply move from one side of Long Island to the other via an overflowing drainage system? The North Shore Sun received pictures of a dead creature that supposedly looked like Monty and that was seen by at least three Long Islanders before mysteriously disappearing, probably because its body was snatched by a secret Plum Island/Homeland Security commando team. The summer of monsters truly is endless! One witness' report, plus a larger version of the picture at left, after the jump.

"To me, it looked like a dead raccoon," Mr. [Edward] Bie [a director of the North Shore Beach Property Owner's Association,] said in a telephone interview Tuesday. "It did remind me of the Montauk Monster...

"Flies were all over a hole in its skin and there was just bone where the head used to be ... It must have been in the water for awhile."

Oddly, there seem to be a disproportionate number of real estate people involved with both the Montauk Monster (e.g. the guy who supposedly had the body last) and this monster (e.g. everyone in the article, basically). Maybe monster sightings are the latest way to drive up property values. It's hard, after all, to write about monster sightings without mentioning Long Island's miles and miles of beaches!

[North Shore Sun]

(Photo by Jennifer Vorraro via North Shore Sun]