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Tory Burch appears to have lost her shot at winning the title of Mom of the Year: On a flight from Miami to NYC, the designer/society staple was spotted lounging in first class while her kids and nanny had to make do with coach. [P6]
Olivia Palermo still seems to think her gig on MTV's The City is going to help her become a "serious actress," poor thing. [P6]
• Tom Cruise was photographed touching Katie Holmes' stomach, so obviously she must be pregnant, no? [OK!]
• Paris Hilton is in London this week. And she's providing lots of entertainment to the British public. She's already announced that she has no plans to choose Amy Winehouse as her new BFF, she doesn't know who the country's prime minister is, and she isn't planning to date Prince Harry out of "respect" for Chelsy Davy. [TS, DM, Hello]

50 Cent's manager, Chris Lighty, says he lost money in the Bernie Madoff scam. [P6]
• Michael Jackson is being sued by director John Landis over unpaid royalties from "Thriller." [Fox411]
• Billionaire Steve Wynn and his wife Elaine are reportedly splitting up now that Wynn's fallen for a younger woman. [P6]
• Is Joaquin Phoenix's budding rap career just an elaborate hoax? [EW]
• Charlie Rangel's wife is making him lose weight. [P6]
Scarlett Johansson recorded a song for her new movie. [MTV]
Susan Sarandon will be appearing alongside George Clooney on an upcoming episode of ER. [E!]
• Lauren Hutton was spotted yelling at her assistant on Lafayette Street. [P6]
• Breaking! Amy Winehouse played Scrabble topless in St. Lucia. [The Sun]
• Record companies can't afford to throw big Grammy parties these days, which means this year's parties probably won't be any fun. [NYDN]
• James Brady, the veteran celebrity reporter who created the Post's "Page Six," has died at age 80. [Newsday]