Paris, je t'aime-a series of shorts, one for each Paris's twenty arrondissements, directed by famous directors and acted by famous actors-was a lovely (if forgivably uneven in parts) ode to a lovely city. It was quiet and subdued, and though many Americans were involved (most notably Alexander Payne directing a heartbreaking Margot Martindale in the film's final story), it just felt very European. So it's not surprising that America is trundling up to ruin it. New York, I Love You is forthcoming, with brilliant famous directors like Scarlett Johansson and Brett fucking Ratner, and now there's a trailer! It's after the jump. I love this big Rorschach test of a city, but I'm not so sure about this movie. (Orlando Bloom cannot act his way out of a beautiful, toned paper bag.)

[via ONTD]