Be warned, ladies. If you want in on the once-great-now-sorta-fading Hudson Hotel bar scene, you better dye your damn hairs did. An irate (hopefully drunk) tipster wrote us last night (well, this morning) about a ridiculous injustice-worthy of the ACLU and inspirational films and the slow mourn of Barber's "Adagio for Strings"-that befell her at the midtown inn. She was denied entrance to the bar, threatened, and shamed. All because her hair was not flaxen.

despite being invited to a private party at the hudson hotel, and being +3 years over the legal drinking age, tonight I was denied entrance to the bar, and was threatened with having my drivers license cut up. however, the two (and i know this for a fact) underage blondes in front of me were able to get in without a problem, and have their "ids" scan just fine. oh and try to ask for a concierge or a manager? yeah that draws out the scissors for your real id. believe me, my brother and sisterinlaw are cancelling their reservations at this hotel and i will never give them my service again. and yeah, i'll be that moderately in shape brunette raising a f***ing stink in the lobby tomorrow.

That bouncer should be careful, unless he wants to get stabbed about the face and neck.