Many of us have in our days taken issue with feminism. (No no no not the idea of it, silly, just like some of the "dogmas" and "pieties" and all those crazy ladies planning to vote take back abortion rights from their daughters as punishment for falling in love with that charismatic black man.) Anyhow as crazy as those women are they do not hold a aromatherapeutic incense stick to batshit barrister Roy Hollander. He is suing Columbia, where he attended business school, for having a women's studies department, and also waging multipronged legal wars with Ladies Nights, and his Chechen ex-stripper wife and because the God of Baffling Internet Misogyny is a generous god he granted an interview to Maureen O'Connor, a young female correspondent at Ivy Gate. Did he mention he prefers women in their teens and early twenties? Why yes he did! That's why he usually lies about his age. Here is their most charming interaction, which I would not be posting at this hour if it were not TOTALLY hilarious. [And also, if you are reading Nick, involving a shrewd future member of the Ivy League media mafia!]

I read that you were once married to a Russian stripper. Is that true? Actually, she was a Russian mafia prostitute stripper. As a teenager she was mistress to a Chechen warlord. I found this out because I worked at Kroll Associates. Are you familiar with them? Foreign intelligence? Yes. And through my contacts from them, what I learned from Russian military intelligence, is that she and her mother were and are connected with the Chechen Special Islamic Regiment. So what happened to the marriage? We got a divorce. I went through all the standard divorce horror: Restraining orders, she went to the police– That's standard for divorce? Yes. If you're an alien wife, and you want to become a citizen, you need a papertrail using VAWA. [ed: VAWA is the Violence Against Women Act. Hollander contested it in his first Men's Rights lawsuit.] She said, "My husband showed me a knife, my husband bruised me," and then she got a temporary restraining order. The order was later dismissed. She filed a complaint with the police that I tried to extort her but she never went forward with the complaint because she never had to. All she needed was the documents, which you can use in immigration proceedings. So the allegations were untrue? Well, yes, basically. She came at me twice with a knife, but since I know martial arts, it wasn't a problem. I probably did bruise her arm. But she, you know she twisted it around, the thing about the knife, and she got the restraining order. But what matters is that the court dismissed it.

No actually what matters is actually that he now picks up women in a hip-hop dancing class. And appears to have picked up some of the lingo!

Allow me to now read a quote you gave to another journalist, during your lawsuit against Ladies' Night: "Now all I am looking for is superficial temporary escapades with pretty young ladies… It�s harder than it was when I was younger. I only go after girls who are in their athletic prime." Mr. Hollander, I sense a rejection complex. "Late teens or twenties," is what I actually said. And, you know, I understand, this is exactly what my ex-wife did. See, she was a ho. I know this because she wrote about prostitution in her diary. She was a prostitute then, and for all I know, she's a prostitute now. She did drugs without my knowledge, and she transferred the euphoria of the drugs to me. Now, I expect that from a pretty young lady who wants something. What I didn't expect was the reaction of the government. She violated my rights, she violated the law, there's a sense of justice involved, but the government didn't care because it was me, a man, asking for justice against her, a woman, who was using VAWA. But back to my preference. All I can say is, I do what mother nature tells me. I walk into a club, I'm standing there with my buddy looking for girls to hit on try to go out with them. If I see a girl, I'm going to go up and talk to her. I see a girl and I'm attracted to her, who knows what the reason is - there is a French poet who said "For men, love goes through the eyes" - and I talk to her, and she may look at me, and if she doesn't want me to talk to her, she'll make it clear. I can read demeanor. But I'm just going after who I'm attracted to. For instance, I take this hip-hop class, and sometimes a middle-aged lady comes to take it, but I'm not attracted to her.

And that is why he is voting for "O'Bama." IvyGate