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OMG! The birthday-celebrating opportunity of your tween's lifetime is right around the corner at Disneyland, where plans for Miley Cyrus's Sweet-16 bash on Oct. 5 are coming together with saucy, serendipitous panache. Never mind the $250 face value of the limited tickets going on sale Aug. 30 — the guest list validates a price even double that. Take, for starters, the Jonas Brothers and Miley's other Disney cohorts, throw in a few volunteers handpicked from Youth Service America, and finish it off with a two-story birthday cake full of gays. Or at least a theme park full of them, according to The Advocate:

The 11th annual Gay Days event, which attracted 30,000 gays and lesbians to the park last year, actually takes place October 3-5. Gay Days describes itself as a "mix-in with straight parkgoers," where the LGBT crowd wears red shirts. Gay Days is not Disney-sponsored, so park operators will not have official regulation over the event.

We're told that Miley's party will indeed be well-removed from the Gay Days celebration, with her 5,000-strong contingent expected to squeeze into the redoubt of Sleeping Beauty's Castle and one lucky ticketbuyer selected at random to keep an eye on Nick Jonas at the door. Just in case! Check out Disney's ticket site (and turn down your speaker volume first, seriously) for your chance to win!