We already told you about all the sex Olympians are having during the Games... this year. But we unearthed another variation of this delightful trend piece from the leadup to the 2000 Sydney Games. Published in Women's Sports & Fitness, it detailed the orgies of Olympics past. Not only were they handing out condoms, but from "one former Olympic swimmer who earned the nickname Plunge King, and not for his aquatic performance: 'There are the most beautiful women I've ever seen. I love the synchronized swimmers. Very, very flexible. They point their toes and the whole thing.'"In 1992, the Olympic Village had a special e-mail program where you could e-mail any Olympian who wanted, and it would be translated into their language. We all know what that must have led to. Now-41-year-old swimmer Dara Torres said of the scene back then, "I'd get e-mails from all these guys, and I'd have no idea who they were." Also,

"Swimmer Summer Sanders, a four-time medalist in Barcelona, says that having a guy in your room was grounds for being sent home, but the big e-mail tease was okay. 'Some of my girlfriends would email basketball players,' she recalls. And the women would offer the U.S. Dream Team private tours of the village with enticing e-mails like, 'See if you can handle the heat of the Village, because we're so cool.' Charles Barkley was spotted in the village, and one swimmer recalls that, curiously, he really seemed to know his way around."

The lesson here: swimmers are nothing but trouble. [From Women's Sports & Fitness, 2000, written by Erin Bried]