Rape Watch 2008 continues. Yesterday we wondered about the identity of the blind item gay rapist, going so far as to put it to a poll for y'all to answer. And answer you did, resoundingly. While Will Smith pursued his happyness to an early lead, the srsly detailed evidence that it's dreamy (sigh) Columbia-bound actor/writer James Franco eventually won you over. You can read between the lines! And, no, friends. It's not Vin Diesel. So good job there. Also, two interesting questions were posed by commenters: "I like how everyone says it can't be Christian Bale, because he's married, but no one mentions that Will Smith is married." (because it's black marriage, that doesn't count!) and "I wonder how exciting and fun-to-speculate-about this would be if the actor in question had raped a woman." (don't worry, men can take it!) So yeah. This whole thing is pretty sad, isn't it?