Emily Brill, the daughter of media mogul Steve Brill and the "hardest" "working" heiress on the interwebs, is simply exhausted! Commenters made some snide remarks about her latest blog post on the edgy, underground world of rich kids trading their meds with each other. You anonymous online detractors just don't understand the drama of Emily's life. Try to imagine surviving her grueling schedule-the nonstop stress of being a professional blogger. Narrate for us, Ms. Brill:

everything in me says not to engage this question, but sheila [ed. note: not our Sheila] you should know that i haven't slept more than 5 hours in recent memory. and please try to imagine how it would be if every aspect, every second, every thought, every moment of your life felt like it was conceivably part of your ‘work'. you speak of clubbing? dining? hamptons? my god the hamptons? the truth is that even my weekend in bedford wasn't entirely restful because i still felt ‘on duty' because i knew i'd be writing about it. and nothing i do when i'm off right now will be entirely ‘vacation' either. my laptop is with me wherever i go, and i'm always in ‘blog' mode. and that's okay. i love this and i want to do it. this is what i've chosen to do with my life.

Fuckin A right. We can only imagine.

this misfit thing? my weight was a physical manifestation of being a misfit but i've been a misfit my entire life. the only thing i can do–the only thing i know how to do–is write about people, places, things, experiences. past, present, future. Be the ultimate narrator.

God forgive me for covering this. [Emily Brill]