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Olivia Palermo, the tonged-haired, copiously-kohl-rimmed 22-year-old whose turn on The City has showcased at least ten gradations of bitchface, has achieved the kind of fame that every aspiring social with narcissistic personality disorder dreams of: According to the Post, she's the most-searched name on New York Social Diary and the New York Observer's site (oh, and look where she is here), she's "rumored" (by whom? Her publicist?) to be the model for Gossip Girl's Blair Waldorf, and all the other attention-seeking party girls must be, like, sooo jealous of her.

Or so believes NYSD's David Patrick Columbia, who gives the striving social his grandfatherly approval. "I've never had a deep conversation with her, and I'm not sure that I would. But unlike a lot of those girls, she's very nice." A deep conversation between DPC and Palermo: Now there's TV that would actually be worth watching!