Newlywed, former Anna Wintour underling, and bestselling chick-lit author Lauren Weisberger seems to be crowdsourcing ideas for her fourth book. Is she being serious? Maybe! "As always, I invite you to write in with any story ideas..."

"I should be outlining plans for the next book (an am, if my editor or agent happen to be reading this, I really am), but it's just been such a lovely summer so far... ...Otherwise, not too much to report. Spending way too much time at the new Whole Foods that just opened in Tribeca (been there every day for the last five), playing with the dogs, and alternately shaking my head at the masses lined up 10-deep to buy an iPhone and wishing I were one of them. Oh yeah, and outlining! Constantly outlining. As always, I invite you to write in with any story ideas. You'll get zero acknowledgement (sic)/credit (and I'll vehemently deny taking your idea), but if you don't mind that, send away! xxx"

Hah, this is like when you joke about sleeping with a friend you have a crush on. "No, just joking! Wouldn't that be funny if... oh, but if you're serious..." via Lauren Weisberger]