The public irritation with Michael Phelps gathers steam! Instead of being on the Wheaties box like a real American champion, Phelps has signed on to endorse Frosted Flakes. Yes: Michael Phelps wants your kids to choke down these sugar-encrusted corn scabs rather than the high fiber of Wheaties. The papers already found some doctors to condemn him. Though we shouldn't be surprised considering Phelps' addiction to Big Macs, the goofy-ass swimmer really should have been smarter in terms of his image. After the jump, five more idiotic celebrity endorsements that can't be explained by mere logic: 1. Wu-Tang Clan endorses St. Ides Malt liquor advocacy is not a positive move for the knowledge gods. On the other hand, Wu-Tang really doesn't give a fuck.

2. Pope Leo XIII endorses Vin Mariani cocaine-laced wine. Popes back in the day were far easier to buy than they are now. Leo the drunk cokehead even appeared in a poster for this one:

3. Lucille Ball endorses Phillip Morris You knew the people loved you, Lucy! But you still endorsed cigarettes. Later you died of an aneurysm. Sad. Here's a clip on some other celebrity cigarette endorsers with smoking-related deaths:

4. Ryan Lochte endorses McDonalds Just to prove that Michael Phelps isn't the only US gold medal swimmer endorsing junk food: his teammate Ryan Lochte is a paid endorser for McD's fast food! Backlash:

When Mr. Lochte - whose McDonald's deal puts his image on packaging - apparently looked sluggish in one of his races, commentators wondered if his diet may have been a factor.

Burn, McDonalds. 5. Dale Earnhardt endorses "Big Mo" Candy Bar. Dude.