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Sarah Jessica Parker is dying to cast Britney Spears as Carrie Bradshaw's younger cousin or niece in the next Sex and the City movie, or at least that's the rumor anyway. [MTV]
• Jeremy Piven was not on the plane that crashed yesterday, just in case you were worried or anything. [NYDN]
• Lindsay Lohan says she works "as hard" as other actors, but she gets no credit due to the "mess that I created in my life." [NYP]
• Is John McCain thwarting our chance to see Cindy McCain on Dancing With the Stars? Say it isn't so! [P6]

• Who fathered the baby of French Justice Minister Rachida Dati? Most likely it's billionaire heir Francois-Henri Pinault, who has been busy the past couple of years, having also impregnated Salma Hayek and Linda Evangelista. [P6]
• Nevan Donohue of The City (and Olivia Palermo's cousin) was embarrassed when it was revealed he hired a hooker in exchange for Oxycontin back in 2007. Now he's stiffed the Riviera in Miami on a $1,450 bill. [P6]
Jennifer Lopez says she didn't wear her wedding ring to the Golden Globes because it "didn't go with the dress" she was wearing. Okay! [The Sun]
Beyonce will be singing along with the Obamas' first dance at the inauguration. [ET]
• Johnny Knoxville's decision to bring a live grenade to the airport didn't amuse the cops: They're now filing a criminal complaint against him. [E!]
• You may want to take this one with a grain of salt: The National Enquirer claims Oprah smoked crack in the '80s. [NE]
• Is Courtney Love a bit anti-Semitic? [P6]
• Steve Carell bought a general store in Marshfield Hills, Mass. Huh? [AP]
Edie Falco is returning to TV with a new Showtime series. [E!]
• Ed McMahon's money troubles just got worse: He owes Citibank $180K. [AP]
• Jenny McCarthy says she has no plans to pose for Playboy again, as if you were staying up late at night wondering about that. [NYDN]