It's bad enough that 500 bloggers are wasting time and energy "covering" the pointless media spectacle of the upcoming political conventions. Can't tightly-orchestrated pageantry and vacant messaging be left for the television networks and political trades while top bloggers find important actual news that would otherwise go ignored? Apparently not. But the bloggers are making themselves look even more silly and co-opted by accepting a package of goodies, and an embarrassingly nerdy one at that. Reports the Wall Street Journal:

Not only will bloggers have Internet access, workspaces and couches for napping in the "Big Tent" headquarters, they will be provided food and beverages, Google-sponsored massages, smoothies and a candy buffet. On the final night of the convention, Google is co-sponsoring a bash with Vanity Fair magazine for convention-goers and journalists that has become one of the hottest party invites.

A candy buffet — that's so perfect. Perhaps it could be located in a mocked-up "Parents' Basement" zone to make the bloggers feel just slightly more condescended to.

And a fancy Vanity Fair party. Welcome to the Establishment!

Granted, the bloggers each paid $100 for access to their "Big Tent," but that just makes their participation a waste of time, energy and money. And, as the Journal said, Google is still sponsoring many perks, so it's not like the $100 buys a claim on total independence. (If you don't think bloggers can be bought with candy and massages, you just haven't met that many bloggers!)