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Although there's rarely any accounting for the taste of the gays who run the fashion industry, the ridiculous success of an English androygyne who's neither beautiful nor tall is one of this decade's bigger mysteries, even factoring in the admittedly significant effect of launching a hair trend. But as the modeling phenom formerly known as Laura Hollins explains in an interview, it's all thanks to numerology!

The bleached-haired consort of Albert Hammond Jr. says that the name her parents gave her just wasn't auspicious:

I was into numerology at the time, and I was talking to my mum about it and saying: "Mum, I'm thinking of changing my name because I've added up all the numbers and I think I want to change it." And we were actually in a health food shop and walking round the aisles and we get to the counter still talking about it and on the counter was a magazine that said: "Change your name, change your life." And I was, like: "It's a sign!" So then I decided: "Right, I'll change."

If you're concerned that such visionary thinking is wasted on the shallow world of modeling, never fear: Agyness, of course, is moving into acting.

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