There seems to be no role left in book publishing that an author can't outsource. Ghost writers are commonplace. Laura "JT LeRoy" Albert pioneered the use of a surrogate in book-tour appearances. And judging by the Craigslist ad after the jump, writers are even hiring forgers to affix their autographs to new releases, because signing books is just way too much work. With all the celebrity titles in circulation, this surely can't be a brand-new phenomenon, but has anyone ever been quite so cheap and brazen about it?

At two authors and $25 per 200 books, one would have to churn out a convincing fake signature every 9 seconds just to earn the advertised $25 per hour. And you're supposed to visit their office on spec to prove your abilities first!

It's not clear on behalf of which authors the ad was posted. The phone number reverses to an ad agency called Nax Partners run by this woman who just appeared on CNBC and advised everyone to adjust their attitudes upward. And their ethics downward, apparently.