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• It looks like Ashley Dupre's 15 minutes of fame isn't entirely over jet yet: She was spotted at HarperCollins' offices and is now reportedly trying to sell a memoir. [P6]
• Hijinks at the Golden Globes: Leonardo DiCaprio asked CAA to construct a ladder so he could sneak into the agency's dinner last Friday and avoid the press. Adrian Grenier and Paris Hilton were denied entry to another event. And Harvey Weinstein appears to be smoking again: He was spotted taking cigarettes out of Hilary Swank's purse. [P6]
• It's not easy being a Forbes: The family is taking its Highlander yacht out of commission until summer and has fired the ship's crew in the meantime. [P6]
Eddy Curry is being sued by his former chauffeur for sexual harassment, after the Knicks center allegedly tried to "solicit gay sex" from the driver and forced him to "perform humiliating tasks." [NYP]

Kevin Bacon, who has admitted to losing money with fraudster Bernie Madoff, now says he needs a job. [L&S]
Mariska Hargitay suffered a partially collapsed lung this week, although she isn't expected to be out of commission for very long. [People]
• Howie Mandel was hospitalized on Monday because of an irregular heartbeat. [People]
• Kate Hudson is supposedly dating an Australian golfer named Adam Scott. What happened to Alex Rodriguez? [Mirror]
• Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz refused to speak at any of the Golden Globes after-parties on Sunday. [OK!]
• Jeremy Piven may have looked tanned and healthy at the Golden Globes, but says he's still recovering from his bout with mercury poisoning. [People, NYDN]
• Heath Ledger's mom says his posthumous Golden Globe will go to daughter Matilda. [People]
• Unlikely, but amusing: Tom Cruise has supposedly "ordered wife Katie Holmes to gain weight and get pregnant." [Showbiz Spy]
Gossip Girl's Kelly Rutherford has asked a judge to bar her estranged husband from traveling outside of the U.S. with their son out of fear that the two may "vanish." [People]
• Not only did former Us Weekly staffer Jill Ishkanian have her $55 million lawsuit against the magazine thrown out of court, she now has to pay Jann Wenner's company $1 million in legal fees, too. [P6]
James Gandolfini will be starring in a new Broadway play called God of Carnage beginning next month. [NYDN]
• Golf star Annika Sorenstam was married in Orlando this weekend. [Radar]
Alec Baldwin will be hosting the New York Philharmonic's national radio broadcasts. [P6]