It's been less than a week since Allison—Intervention's computer-cleaner-inhaling breakout sensation—first huffed her way into our hearts, but you can already feel the profound effect she's had on the social landscape: Wander into a Staples, for example, you'll quickly notice laser-printed signs at the register warning customers "FALCON DUST-OFF NOT FOR RECREATIONAL USE." Why, right here at Defamer HQ, we've been delighting in the cortex-smoothing, color-enhancing effects of the affordable aerosol stimulant sitting under our noses all along. (We apologize for any recent deterioration in the quality of the posts, however, and promise you that gurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr dooooooodle dooooooodle doooooooooo....MAN that's good stuff!) Anyway, because the only thing better than an old fashioned YouTube huffer meme are the inevitable remixes that follow, we're thrilled to present this uplifting, toe-tapping take on Allison's memorable peaking catchphrase—"I feel like I'm walking on sunshine!"—which she delivers with all the head-swiveling pizzazz of The Facts of Life's Cousin Geri.