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In the grand tradition of profiles that implore you not to hate the subject despite her embarrassment of blessings, Page Six Magazine's interview with Isabella Rossellini's daughter Elettra Wiedemann pretends to humanize her by using adjectives like "klutz" and "dork," and telling us that as a teen she wore a back brace for scoliosis, which made her cruel Nightingale-Bamford classmates tease her.

What's more, the 25-year-old model, who's studying for a masters in biomedicine at the London School of Economics and saving the world with her charity, says she doesn't go out much "because I get really fat really fast when I drink." So you see, even if you happen to be born to one of the world's most famous actresses and grow up beautiful and rich, it all equals out in the end!

Hollywood Royalty: Model Elettra Wiedemann [Page Six Mag]