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Producers for the new 90210 love to release their casting information in teasing increments: Tori's in! No, she's out — but Shannen's back! Also, there are some other actors on the show, maybe (but still no Lucille Bluth)! Now, though, their latest bit of stunt casting has emerged through a source at Nylon, and the idea reeks of hipster verisimilitude and Pabst Blue Ribbon:

We camped out on the 90210 set during pilot production, and cheered on our favorite new cast members - Cory Kennedy and Mark Hunter, aka The Cobrasnake, who both appear in the show's first revival episode.

Will Cory teach new starlet AnnaLynne McCord how to pose for internet paparazzi? Will Mark find a new muse in returning diva Shannen Doherty? Sorry, we can't reveal everything, at least not all at once. The first episode airs on September 2 on the CW. Tune in and see why our whole office is calling it NYL0210...

If you're unfamiliar with these two staples of Hollywood nightlife, The Cobrasnake is LA's best-known party photographer, and Cory Kennedy is his hipster muse. While some may quibble about their inclusion, we can't wait for the inevitable, Cinespace-set scene where Cobrasnake's lens captures Shannen Doherty and Jennie Garth engaging in a Red Bull-fueled smackdown (as DJ Steve Aoki hastily programs a calming mash-up from his 3G iPhone). [Photo Credit: Getty Images, AP]