Nothing makes us prouder to be Americans than knowing, at least, that we are free. Free specifically to post insane allegations against any media or political figure accusing them of conspiratorial scurrility on YouTube, where it will be viewed by millions of our fellow crazies and followed up by response videos even less grounded in any sort of observable reality. So you can imagine how thrilled we are that this post-modern citizen campaign work can now be showed on real tv right next to T. Boon Pickens windfarm fantasia and Obama clubbing with Paris Hilton or whatever. It's all thanks to, a new service that allows your average man-on-the-street the chance to have his 25-second commercial aired in various local cable markets for a tiny, tiny fee. Listen to's chief executive on how this is all about freedom:

"We are trying to push free speech," she said, while acknowledging that the ads would still have to conform to the cable companies' restrictions on content. "I'll put out the cacophony, and the cream will rise to the top."

Oh, chief executive. Is this your first trip to the internet? If by "cream" you mean "lip-syncing girls in short shorts" than yes, sure, it'll rise above the cacophony. But they're not encouraging that sort of thing—they're courting political bloggers. First up, a group of activists are raising the funds necessary to air an ad accusing the media of not talking enough about how John McCain cheated on his first wife. Finally, publicity whore political activists have a soapbox!