Seth MacFarlane's plan to take over the internet is even grander than we thought. In June we told you about the Family Guy creator's new project, Seth MacFarlane's Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy, which will be an internet show syndicated through Google AdSense. Each episode will only be two minutes plus an ad, and he gets a cut of ad revenue, so he looked to be positioned to make a boatload of cash. But one single boatload obviously wasn't enough for the intermittently cool MacFarlane; he's going to do all the freaking ads himself: Burger King is the chief advertiser, and-in a cartoon marketing move the likes of which have not been seen since Homer Simpson started eating Butterfingers-MacFarlane will be creating the ads, like so:

In one, blue velvet curtains withdraw to reveal an ornate movie screen. The fast-food company's King mascot, a mute character with a creepy smile, bursts through the center of the screen and runs away. Following him through the ripped screen are menacing-looking Mayans who hurl poison darts in the mascot's direction. It ends with the Burger King logo.

The Simpsons maintained its credibility after ad deals by keeping the show funny. Can MacFarlane do the same? Given the nature of his fan base I predict he can, although his haters are legion. [NYT]