It begins. The Real World: Brooklyn kids, whose imminent presence has long been looming over the funkiest borough, have finally arrived. NewYorkology posted a few pictures of some polo shirt clad mooks surrounded by a camera crew in Red Hook, their rumored neighborhood of choice. Based on the above photo, I've assigned names and descriptions to the cast members, after the jump. Yellow Shirt: Michael, 19, Houston. Talks with a lisp and seems a bit light in the loafers, but is totes straight. Just ask his long-suffering girlfriend back home who spends her days woodenly hating the game, not the playa. Michael has snap-happy arguments with one female roommate who needles him about his latent homosexuality. Think Irene and Steven from Seattle. Black Shirt: Jeremy, 21, Fresno. Has a hip, fresh, depressing white boy funk style. Seems actually capable of talking to women for three and a half seconds without trying to hump them, but revels in his horndog dirtbaggy ways when out with the boys. Meets a girl named Mashley from Staten Island at a clurrb one night, sorta has an on-again-off-again fling with her, but eventually decides he needs to be a free agent. Pink Shirt: Danica, 24, Nashua, NH. From a New England town, the hoarse-voiced Danica went to big ol' party school ASU and drank and slopped her way through four years, managing to graduate with degrees in Spanish and finance. She rasps loudly about how drunk she was allll the time and falls in love with every boy who gives her three and a half seconds worth of attention (with or without trying to hump her.) Blue Shirt: Broderick, 22, Apopka, FL. Just finished FSU, where he studied history. Seems like one of those cool laid back guys who'd make a swoony young high school teacher, but is actually a drunken debacle. After threatening to punch out some weasely hipster in the premiere episode, Broderick's narrow meatheadedness spirals out of control until he sobbingly admits to having stubbed his toe once when he was six. He'll decide to go home after this shocking revelation. Magenta Shirt: Ninjizza, 23, Miami. Went to Emory, has a degree in French and Political Science. Is overbearing, bossy, demanding, and secretly very sad. Has one drunken night where she keeps saying she's going to "throw my damn self off the New York Bridge." Deftly recovers when the job challenge emerges-creating a Brooklyn bus tour-and she can take control of that. No one is sad when Ninjizza leaves at the end of the season. Striped Shirt: Misty, 20, St. Louis. Shy and nerdy, Misty will be very much the shrinking wallflower of the season. She'll harbor a quiet, sad crush on Broderick, who will lead her on mercilessly. She will, of course, get very drunk one night and stab Ninjizza. She'll have to go home. (OK, I know there's one cast member missing, and that if you look at the other photos on NewYorkology there are other people who could be cast members and Jeremy could totally be gay, but whatever, I'm on a fucking bus.)