CNN press release: "CNN Recruits Key Political Experts for Campaign Coverage." Exciting! "Building upon its winning coverage of the U.S. presidential campaign and other political contests, CNN has added five more top political reporters and commentators to its deep bench of political contributors and analysts." Great! So who exactly are these five new additions to the best political team on whatever? One Dem strategist, one Washington Post columnist, and these three:

  • David Brody, senior national correspondent for the Christian Broadcasting Network. A veteran journalist of more than 20 years, Brody writes the political blog, "The Brody File."
  • Alex Castellanos, a Republican strategist and former campaign consultant for Mitt Romney's presidential campaign. Castellanos is a partner in National Media Inc., a political and corporate consulting firm.
  • Tara Wall, deputy editorial page editor and columnist for The Washington Times. Previously, she served as director of the office of public affairs at the Administration for Children and Families, a division of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, and as director of outreach communications for the Republican National Committee.

Hah. The Dem is Hilary Rosen, former RIAA chairman and current HuffPo political director. The Post columnist is harmless jokester Dana Milbank—whose column is not called "The Lighter Side of Congressional Politics!" but it totally should be—and he's hardly a fire-breathing liberal by any definition. So that's one correspondent for Pat Robertson's crazy tv channel, one Mitt Romney drone, and the deputy editorial page editor of the extreme-right Moonie-owned joke of a "newspaper", versus HuffPo and this guy. Really opening up the door for MSNBC, guys.